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Cathy Rowe. Fine Artist

Cathy Rowe is a fine artist currently working out of Oregon City, Oregon.  She creates contemporary artwork using watercolor, acrylic, and natural materials for a mixed media effect.  The colors are dramatic and vivid to capture the emotion of a moment and tell a story.  Her works explore experiences of life transitions using elements from the natural and mythic worlds.   


Cathy graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in June 2007.   She lived in the Sacramento area of California for ten years, painting fine art, creating murals, and showing consistently at local galleries.  She also worked in the artistic field in Galleries and at the Crocker Art Museum.  Her murals are located all around the greater Sacramento region with clients including The City of Rancho Cordova, The City of Sacramento, the Roseville City School District, Agilent Technologies, California State University Sacramento, the Sacramento Unified School District, as well as many others.  Since moving to Oregon with her family she has expanded her artistry into  illustration (see her illustration at, and being a mom.  In 2020 she began working with the local Three Rivers Artist Guild to improve and expand the Oregon City Public Art Mural Program.

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